10Xnewco work with client leaders to maximize deal value for accelerated decisions involving:

          1. Inorganic growth: merger, partnership, venture or investment, divestiture
          2. Organic growth: unlock internal synergies leveraging products, consolidating technology, processes, groups and markets

We work with client teams to identify synergies and accelerators to ensure: bets and options, plans and integrations are feasible, and nimbly pivot to course correct With 10Xnewco¬†independent, unbiased guidance, client leadership is able to: manage”business as usual”, mitigate risk, retain legacy value and planned synergies reducing indecision, bias, and integration time-frames

          1. We build a business case growth strategy and collaborate on a framework with a leading practice roadmap
          2. Teams benefit from proven change practices with change competency execution accelerators 
          3. Specialized fractional role engagement models are available where clients can benefits from methodology, solutions and “future ready” experts working in a basic governance model

Our Founder and Partners have directly led change engagements of all types increasing enterprise and transaction value