A trusted growth advisory helps client businesses develop strategies to expand, grow revenue options through acquisitions, operations, increase market revenue, and improve overall performance.

  • 10xnewco’s advisory service involves analyzing current firm and market trends, assessing the firm’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying growth opportunities, and providing recommendations for strategic portfolios.
  • Enterprise transformation is the process of fundamentally changing the way a clients business operates, often involving shifts in organizational structure, technology adoption, and business processes to adapt to changing market conditions or achieve strategic objectives.
  • Combining growth strategy with enterprise transformation advisory means we not only identify growth opportunities but also assist the organization in implementing changes necessary to realize those opportunities effectively. This may involve restructuring operations, adopting new technologies, improving efficiencies, or entering new markets.

Our Services include:

Growth Strategy and Enterprise Transformation Advisory GSf®

  • Portfolio Growth Strategy: Growth Strategy Framework GSf®: Due Diligence and Software Selection, Value Goals and Bets, Roadmap, Business Case, Rationalization of Options, Technology Rationalization
  • Modernization Rationalized Domains: Technology Rationalization: Product Portfolio Innovation, Platform Application Management, Cloud / Managed Services, AI/Data Enablement, Cyber Security

Change Enablement: Portfolio Management Framework PMf®

  • Portfolio Growth Strategy: Product Management Innovation, Product Portfolio Management, Portfolio Prioritization, Metrics and Reporting, Technology Adoption, Organizational Design and Change, Culture Change Assessment 
  • Architecture Framework
  • Agile Technology Delivery

Execution Management: Enterprise Transformation

  • Target operating model Governance: Defined synergies,  Synergy Tracking, Integration / Carve-out cadence
  • Program Management: Integration roadmap, Communication plan
  • Fractional Role Enablement CIO/CTO/CDO

Execution Management: Technology Modernization 

  • Technology Execution & Architecture: Integration, Carve-out, Consolidation, Data Migration, Lifecycle platforms, software, AI, data, Cyber Security