10xnewco is a “future-ready” growth advisory firm, we partner with clients to leverage technology, boost business value, and pinpoint growth opportunities… Our accelerators enable rapid decision-making to enhance revenue, reduce costs, and exploit market opportunities. Growth is achieved through rationalizing accelerated options: acquisitions, partnerships, investments, or carve-outs, and by Leveraging and Optimizing efficiencies across:  portfolios, technology, processes, people, products, and markets

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Founder/ Managing Partner: Terry Coull

Our Affiliate Consultants Include: Joe Puglisi, George Yun, Colton Weeks, Michael Jansen, Julian Davis, Brian Preston, Christopher Barnard, Pankaj Agrawal

Our Affiliate Partners Include: Performance Improvement Partners, Nearform, Tierpoint, Computomic, EMTsec, Astralinx